Our Message

God has raised up different Christian groups to carry out different emphases in ministry. Some churches were raised up by God to focus on reaching a particular group of people, or to send missionaries, or to promote a particular method or style of organization, or to modernize Christian traditions and music. These are all needed and valid.

Among others, God initiated the Friends movement to clarify and recover the central message of Jesus Christ. The fundamental reason for the existence of the Walnut Creek Friends Church is to promote a clear message—and that message is Jesus Christ.

We want to give people the best opportunity to see and hear Jesus clearly, accurately and fully.

Since Jesus is a living person, this means knowing Him as a living person through personal experience. But because He is temporarily invisible, we must start with descriptions about Him. The Bible tells us a lot about Jesus and it is there we must start. The writers of the Bible emphasize eight different aspects of Jesus. Each one is powerful and has far-reaching implications and effects. These eight realities of Jesus form the basis of our faith and our action.

Our Message (click on each title to learn more)

  • Jesus Christ is Unique.
    Jesus is God in human form, the full expression of God the Father to man. He has always existed with the Father and with the Holy Spirit. There is no other like Him.
  • Jesus Christ is Absolutely Essential.
    All people, at all times and in all places, have a desperate need for Jesus, who He is, and what only He has done, does, and will do. There is no substitute.
  • Jesus Christ is All-Sufficient.
    Jesus Christ, His person, His nature and character, His death on the cross for our sins, His resurrection, His exaltation, His life, His return, His power, His presence, etc. is everything we need. We receive His benefits entirely through active faith in Him.
  • Jesus Christ is Alive and Present.
    Jesus is knowable as a real person, that is, we can experience Him as a living, present person who has real impact on our daily lives. He can and must be known by experience.
  • Jesus Christ is Love.
    Through Jesus we know God’s love for us, and through Jesus we become able to love God and all others just as He loves. God’s love for us is fully expressed in Jesus Christ.
  • Jesus Christ is Lord.
    Jesus is the Creator and owner of all things. He has authority over everything and everyone. He has the right to command, and we have the responsibility to obey Him in all things. All people will also be judged by Him, giving an account for every thought, word and deed.
  • Jesus Christ is the Living Word.
    Jesus is God’s message to us, and therefore the foundation behind the written word, the Bible. He speaks through the Bible, through His creation, in prayer, and in any circumstances, both directly and indirectly through others to all who will listen to Him.
  • Jesus is the Christ (Messiah).
    He is the special one, the Savior foretold by God in the Old Testament and revealed in the New Testament.  He embodies all the fullness, power and promises of God.

You may listen to audio recordings of our series of Sunday messages on each of these statements here: Our Message Audio Recordings.