Children’s Ministries

We believe children are important to God. We also believe that children have special needs. So we work to provide a special ministry for them. We work to provide a safe, fun learning experience for all of the children among us.

All of the people who serve in our children’s ministry are screened and trained. They have a heart for God and for children.

The goal of our children’s ministry is, first of all, to give the children a positive experience in the church family. Our leaders strive to help each child feel safe, accepted and special. Many of the activities are designed to foster the building of healthy relationships. Our leaders guard this jealously. It may sound backwards to some, but children need to have fun and to have fun with others. Without this element in a children’s ministry, learning (and God) becomes a terrible bore.

The lessons focus the children on Jesus Christ—who is their Savior and Friend. We teach the children how to have a relationship with Jesus and to treat Him as a real person who cares for them and is active in their lives. As the children grow older, they are increasingly taught how to discover God for themselves and to know how to listen to Him.

The greatest need any person has is to know Jesus Christ personally. This is the ultimate goal of our children’s ministry.