Jesus Christ is Alive and Present.

Jesus is knowable as a real person, that is, we can experience Him as a living, present person who has real impact on our daily lives. He can and must be known by experience.

Because Jesus is alive and present

  • We learn to listen to Him in silence.
  • We learn to spend time alone with Him.
  • We learn to converse with Him as a real person.
  • We pursue an intimate relationship with Him.
  • We expect Him to teach and guide us in our daily living through the Holy Spirit.
  • We expect Him to act in discernible ways.
  • We regard all who are in Him to be equally able to serve Him by the power of His Holy Spirit.
  • We allow Him to direct our meetings for worship and business.
  • We seek to serve our community to share the love of Jesus and to meet real needs.

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