Our Ministries

Far more important than anything that we could program, the most useful and beneficial ministry we can offer you is ourselves.  God works through His people.  Programs and ministries are just organizations of people doing God’s work.  Some of the most powerful and life-changing experiences in our church do not happen through one of our organized ministries.  The happen as people meet with people, spontaneously, lovingly, and honestly.  We are here for each other.  We are here for you.

Our faith compels us to serve in many ways. The activities below provide just a sampling of how God is working in people’s lives through us.

Life Transformation Small Groups

Sunday Morning Gatherings

Recorded Messages

Children’s Ministry

Youth Ministry

Forgiveness Ministries

Missions Ministry

Compassion and Community Assistance

Workshops and Fellowship Events

Personal Ministry Development, Counseling and Prayer

Counseling and Prayer