Jesus Christ is Lord

Jesus is the Creator and owner of all things. He has authority over everything and everyone. He has the right to command, and we have the responsibility to obey Him in all things. All people will also be judged by Him, giving an account for every thought, word and deed.

Because Jesus is Lord

  •  We seek His will in all of our daily living, obeying Him as we receive His directions.
  • We seek to live a life wholly submitted to Jesus.
  • We encourage others to live a life submitted to Him.
  • We stand against demonic forces in His Name.
  • We work to manage resources entrusted to us by Him to advance His kingdom.
  • We work to represent Him accurately and faithfully in this world as His ambassadors, living in truthfulness, integrity, moral purity, and love.
  • We encourage every person to be prepared to stand before Him, ready to give an account for his or her life, deeds, and thoughts.
  • We serve Him and encourage others to do the same.

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