Forgiveness Ministries

Forgiveness Ministries is an independent ministry that was birthed out of the Walnut Creek Friends Church in 2006. Its founder and director, Steve Diehl, is one of our pastors, but has been released to the work of Forgiveness Ministries full time.

Forgiveness Ministries provides CDs, DVDs, workbooks, live seminars and more to:

  • Help individuals to develop a lifestyle of authentic, biblical forgiveness, and to
  • Help churches to become better communities of forgiveness

Practicing all aspects of biblical forgiveness is how God heals the human soul and restores broken relationships. We believe that practicing forgiveness is absolutely necessary in order to become a healthy, spiritually mature person, able to restore and nurture healthy, loving relationships.

Learning how to practice forgiveness will enable you to:

  • Fully receive God’s forgiveness
  • Effectively forgive others so that your anger is gone
  • Sincerely ask others to forgive you
  • Create the best opportunities to restore broken relationships
  • Resolve anger towards God
  • Overcome feelings and behaviors of self-condemnation
  • Love your enemies, just as God does

The Walnut Creek Friends Church regularly offers the “Unwrapping the Gift of Forgiveness” weekend seminar, as well as facilitates forgiveness life transformation groups. These ministries are available to the general public. See our calendar for the next workshop and contact our office for a registration form or visit the Forgiveness Ministries‘ website for more information and to order their resources.

Here is an interview with Steve Diehl on 21 October 2016 - "Quakers and the Holiness movement"